An Early Childhood Learning Place

Jayasri & Ravi Nistala
IT Professional

We are so glad that we chose Justkidz for our daughter. It feels good as a parent to see how excited she is to go to school and learn. She has made great progress in academic, language and other skills within few months of joining Justkidz. We are confident that she would have all round development by the end of the academic year. Thank you Ms.Padmaja and team for all the efforts and showing utmost interest in our kid. 

Suneetha & Vijaya Kumar Chowdari

IT Professional

Our elder daughter was a student of Ms.Pam for 2 years. Its because of the great foundation she received at Justkidz, she has been always best performer at her school. We feel fortunate that our younger daughter is also attending Justkidz. We have been seeing amazing difference in our daughter within few weeks of starting the program. Before starting at Justkidz, she didn't know all alphabets or numbers, but within 12 weeks, it is amazing to see that our daughter can write lower / upper case letters, numbers and started reading 3-letter words. She became more focused and disciplined. All credit goes to Ms.Pam and great lesson plan customized for each student. 

Madhavi & Sarath Polireddy
Software Engineer

We would like to thank Ms.Padmaja for a tremendous progress in our daughter's learning skills within this short span of time. She learned upper & lower case alphabets, phonics, numbers from 1-150. grouping, addition and subtraction, Yoga and Spanish. Our daughter enjoys and is very happy to start her day with Justkidz. so are we. Thank You again for being an inspiration to these budding students. 

Rajeswari & Ravinder
Home Maker, AVP (Deutsche Bank)

We are fortunate to send Aadrith to Justkidz for the second year as well. Last year, along with learning lot of Math, English and Spanish, his public speaking ability improved a lot through show and tells. This year we are looking forward to improve his leadership skills much better. Ms.Padmaja and other teachers are always there to improve child's abilities. 

Ravinder Perudi
Programmer Analyst

Pranav improved a lot in all the levels related to education - reading, doing assignments, basic math - and way above our expectations. He developed dedication and concentration towards work. Justkidz is the best school that any kid can join to improve education, confidence, social skills and discipline. I think he is already prepared for Kindergarten and by the year end he will be ready for First grade. 

Uma & Hanamant Sulikeri

I am so happy with the progress my son has made at Justkidz. The teachers are all welcoming and friendly and it genuinely feels like family. Ms.Padmaja has been fantastic not only with Shloak's learning but his care for social skills and being respectful to others and much more independence too. The teaching standard is high. My son has improved his writing skills unbelievably. I honestly recommend Justkidz to all my friends and family. 

Hari Katukota
IT Professional

Abhinav has progressed so smoothly at Justkidz. When we started he had lot of attention issues. Within 3 months we are at a stage with less amount of work to focus. He is able to work on his stuff without distraction for longer period of time. As Ms.Padmaja says, it is the process and the method in which we articulate to connect with the kids that is important. This is something I too learnt as a parent.

We also have our twin daughter Alekhya at Justkidz this year. She used to hate going to any daycare or learning center. Now she looks forward to go to school every day 

Madhavi & Sarath Polireddy
Software Engineer

We would like to thank Ms.Padmaja for a tremendous progress in our daughter's learning skills within this short span of time. She learned upper & lower case alphabets, phonics, numbers from 1-150. grouping, addition and subtraction, Yoga and Spanish. Our daughter enjoys and is very happy to start her day with Justkidz. so are we. Thank You again for being an inspiration to these budding students. 
 Archana & Dipendra Lamichhane


We have been extremely happy with the progress of our daughter!! Within the past 2 months, she has already progressed with upper and lower case alphabets, numbers from 1-100, grouping, addition, subtraction & writing simple words. Further, the speaking and writing kills have improved a lot & so is the confidence for speaking due to weekly show-and-tells. Our daughter loves all her teachers at Justkidz: Ms.Padmaja, Ms.Cristy & Ms.Gabby. 


Poonam Gonsalves
Home Maker

Ever since our daughter started attending Justkidz, I have noticed significant change in her academic skills. She is showing more enthusiasm towards learning and she has gone above and beyond our expectations. Justkidz has made that happen. However she is still very shy and we are hoping that she will overcome her shyness over a period of time. Thanks Ms.Padmaja for all your efforts. 


Vishnu Vennapoosa 
Tech Advisor

It is a good experience so far. Our son seems happy to go to Justkidz and comes back home with flying colors. He learnt to follow the lessons and shows self interest in completing home work. 


Software Professional

Our experience with Justkidz has been amazing. Our daughter is progressing very well even though she has been a little slow in settling in to the daily routine. We really appreciate the patience and encouragement the teachers have been showing and I am very confident the she will be a rising star with all your help. Thank you so much Ms.Padmaja for everything and believing that every kid is special. 


Rajeshwari & Ravinder Maramamula

Home Maker / AVP Deutsche Bank

We have observed a lot of change in our son from the time he joined Justkidz. The ability to articulate his thoughts has improved due to the variety of activities happening at Justkidz - especially "show & tell" in this short span of two months.  We are confident that our son would have an alround development at the end of the academic year. 

Subbarao Denduluri 
Software Engineer

JUSTKIDZ is a place where young minds can be nurtured in a manner they will be ready to take on bigger challenges later. Ms.Padmaja and other teachers put in so much effort in such a short amount of time which makes you wonder how your child learnt at such a quick pace. Having sent my older son to Justkidz few years ago, we were practically waiting when we can give our younger son also the chance. 


Sarita & Satish Vemuri 

We have known Justkidz and Ms.Padmaja for over 5 years when our daughter went to Justkidz. The foundation she got there still helps her in 4th grade and we believe that it will continue to help her further in the future. Our wonderful experience with Justkidz is replaying again as our son is going to Justkidz this year. Apart from learning amazing math and language skills, they learn the discipline and ways of right learning that shape their entire student life. 


Srikanth & Anu Gali 
Software Engineer

JUSTKIDZ is an exceptional school. My son is learning and thriving here. Ms.Padmaja takes great care of the kids and molds them to be bright kids. She shows the right balance of discipline and love. We couldn't be more happier for our son. 

Prudhvi & Pavani Nooney
Hardware Engineer

We are extremely happy to send our son to Justkidz. Within one month we can see a lot of improvement in him. He is learning some thing new every day at school. One thing to mention is about Ms.Padmaja whose teaching skills and techniques are really amazing. She focusses on every skill like music, yoga, art, academics and show-n-tell, which builds confidence for little kiddos. Thank you Ms.Padmaja

Vikram & Sreelakshmi Thommandru

Software Engineer

I would like to thank the team at Justkidz for the great progress I see in my daughter in the aspect of Learning, Discipline and Conduct, even though she started going to Pre-K for the very first time. We are delighted to have our daughter in the hands of Justkidz team.

Raj & Sirisha Madishetti

Software Engineer

Justkidz is the nest thing that has happened to our daughter this year and she is glad to be a student at this institution. She doesn't want to miss school even in the weekend, when she wakes up first thing and asks if she can go to school :)

In just 2 months, we see a big difference in her; she always tries to explore words, numbers and shapes. She never stops counting the traffic signs in Spanish and recognizes shapes of Signs, when she is in the car. She loves her teachers and friends very much.

Avinash & Sushma Mittapalli

Software Professional

We love Justkidz and the lesson plans. We appreciate the effort you all put in to shape our kids' future for better. Love the improvement my son shows so far in terms of learning, social and communication skills. Hope the learning curve grows. Thank you for all your efforts.

Phani & Sowmya Cherukuri

Sr Software Engineer

We are proud at Justkidz. Justkidz is not only a learning place but also promotes self confidence and individuality in kids from very early age. Parents will also learn about the Kid-Teacher-Parent triangle - where the kid's success depends on teachers and parents working together. Our older daughter is also a Justkidzian 4 years ago and we could see the fruits of the seed, Ms.Padmaja and other teachers sowed. Music, Yoga, Art and Academics help kids to have fun and also learn.

Srinivas & Vasavi Mandavalli 

Program Manager

Thank you Ms.Padmaja for your passion and dedication in shaping young minds. While it may appear that my daughter is still struggling to fall into the routine, in fact, I have seen significant progress in her in the last 2 months. Personally, for me it is more important that she enjoys the process of learning more than how much she learnt.

Rahul & Dharma Kachalia
Computer Network Architect

Our son got 2nd time privilege to continue his education at Justkidz. We find that our son is now quite focused and seamless in his curriculum and other educational activities. At the age of 4 years, he is independent and has built solid foundation and learning principles to excel in his academics. He is inspirational to many and friendly to his mates to go thru a memorable journey at Justkidz. We have high regard for all talented teachers with the amount of effort they put on each child. Thank you Ms.Padmaja, Ms.Cristy and Ms.Gabby for your efforts   

Uma & Mallikarjuna Metukuri

We as parents are extremely happy and blessed to send our kid to Justkidz. Before starting at Justkidz, my daughter was hardly writing 4 alphabets (A-D). Seven months past, now she is reading books and has a good vocabulary. Ms.Padmaja has created a great joy of memories in our lives as parents watching the progression of my little one. Ms.Padmaja works hard to make learning easy and fun for her students. words cannot express how much we truly appreciate Ms.Padmaja's hard-work and dedication to her students.


Gururaj & Sathyakala Mohan
Software Analyst

Justkidz pillar stands on child-centric foundation, i.e. Education is tailored to your child's needs. Teaching Pre-Kindergarteners is the toughest task and you can measure the success of your child very easily. We are amazed to see our child's progress from Day 1 till today. Hoping desperately for the same kind of teacher in future :) Excellent job Ms.Padmaja!

Nethi N Rao & Deepthi Nethi
Senior Solution Architect

Picking the right school is always challenging; we picked Justkidz because of Ms.Padmaja. We know that children thrive in an environment where they are not drilled or taught to memorize and are actually given the opportunity to learn with purpose and taught different mediums. justkidz is a very creative environment as it instills a passion and joy for learning for kids under cadence of Ms.Pam. One of the thing we love most about the school is that all kids develop a feeling that music, art, speech, academics, yoga, critical thinking are skills.


Vijay & Vasihnavi Dantuluri
Computer Professional

Firstly, I would like to thanks Ms.Padmaja for bringing the inner talent of our child and moulding her in a way that reciprocates in her confidence and intellect. She is now better than when she joined Justkidz. My kid's outgoing attitude and team-work is attributed to the team at Justkidz. I would certainly recommend any family to think out of the box and be part of Justkidz and benefit their kids.


Gururaj & Sathyakala Mohan
Software Professional

Our son is indeed exposed to a magical wonderland of Education. We see tremendous improvement in his focus, impressive attitude towards learning and self confidence. Ms.Pam left no stones unturned in explaining the ways to develop our child. It is out of our world and our family will always be indebted to her and Justkidz

Suresh & Aparna Shetty
IT ProjectManagement 

It was a rough start for my son for the first couple of weeks, getting used to more stricter and disciplined environment. But after seeing the improvement at the end of first month, we ere very happy. I think the overall learning, discipline will put a stringer foundation for upcoming school years. Thank you for all the help.

Naga Suneetha and Vijaya K. Chowdari
Home Maker, Software Engineer

This is my daughters second year at Justkidz. She has learnt alphabets, numbers in Spanish, reading and writing in her first year. She was ready for Kindergarten challenge at 4 years of age. But we continued her for second year as she is learning something new every day from Ms.Pam. Some of the great things that we love at Justkidz is that Ms.Pam encourages parents to participate in their child's educational process, uses a variety of assessments in order to evaluate student performances. She is open to questions and exudes positive attitude.


Kiran Achanthi & Saritha Velagapudi

Justkidz is the most awesome Learning Center that Ms.Pam has set up. Ms.Pam has a great lesson plan customized to each student. The co-teachers are also great. Ms.Pam gives us great feedback, sends regular updates and pictures. She is also very patient. Last year out elder daughter attended Justkidz at age 4. She progressed a lot in all areas and was able to complete the Kindergarten math book for the year in one weekend. This year our younger daughter who just turned 3 is attending. We are very pleased with her progress - within few weeks she is able to write the alphabets, her name, beginning and ending sounds, count in Spanish, etc.

Getting into Justkidz is like winning an educational lottery. We feel very fortunate that our daugher is attending Justkidz.

Rajender & Kavitha Kupireddy
Software Engineer

Thanks to Ms.Pam for your dedicationa nd commitment. Justkidz is an excellent learning center. It has been 2 months with Justkidz and my daughter enjoys her work cycle and activities, spanish and yoga meditation. We have seen a lot of changes in food habits. Ms.Pam makes the class fun with Kidz.

Vijay Raghavareddy
IT Professional

We are delightful to see our daughter following a routine of learning at Justkidz and at home daily as this is only going to help her with plenty of learning ahead from an outstanding teacher in Ms.Pam and he Spanish co-teacher. It is only one month, but we feel like several months if we consider how much our daughter has learned so far. Thank You!


Srinivas & Nalanda Vudutha
IT Professional

We are having a wonderful experience at Justkidz. Our son's bonding with the teachers is really good. The teachers at Justkidz are one of a kind: compassionate and nurturing. The expectations are very clear and appropriate for the development of the child. Our son has been very comfortable with his home work. This is helping him to improve his reading, writing, math abilities. We feel very fortunate that he is part of Justkidz. Special thanks to all his teachers. Justkidz Rocks!!!.


Pradeep Jaligama
IT Professional

Our daughter was a student of Ms.Pam and we had a great experience with her. So having our son at Justkidz was a no-brainer for us which is proving to be a great thing for us and our son. We can already see the difference in his behaviour and academics. We know that he is still not completely there yet in his behaviour but hopefully with Pam's training he will get there. Looking forward to a great second year at Justkidz.


Rajender & Mamatha Perumandla
IT Professional

We have seen an amazing difference in our son in the first few weeks of the program. Justkidz is a great learning experience for our son. He is more focussed and dedicated in doing his homework. He loves going to Justkidz which is a great foundation for the little starters to get prepared for the years ahead at school.


Dr. Pavan & Keerthana Pyreddy

Our daughter is improving a lot and learning new stuff actively. We admire the teaching skills and techniques. It is exciting to watch our daughter improve by leaps and bounds. We enjoy the pictures every week.

Kiran Achanti & Saritha Velagapudi
IT Professionals

Ms.Pam has set up a most amazing learning center at Justkidz. Within the first few weeks our daughter was learning alphabets, numbers, grouping, phonics. Additionally, she is also learning (and often surprise us) with Spanish, Yoga, Music & Movement and Art. She loves all her 3 teachers and talks about them all the time. The weekly themes, lesson plans and 'show & tell' are great. Ms.Pam gives us great feedback, updates and answers any questions we have. We are sure this will be great foundation for our daughter's life. We feel very fortunate that our daughter is attending Justkidz.


Phani Cherukuri & Sowmya Somanchi
SW Professional / Home Maker

Our daughter was initially a little hesitant to go to school, but now she is excited every morning. We are very happy to see her improvement in academics & motor skills. We are also amazed by the way she is concentrating. We are proud to be part of the program at Justkidz.


Bharat Karumanchi & Neelima Peleti
SW Professionals

It has been only a month since our son has been attending Justkidz and there are just no words to explain how impressed we are with Justkidz. The program at Justkidz is well rounded. Apart from academics, our son is learning behavioral traits, manners, self confidence and respect towards work and others. We are pleasantly surprised when our son wants to go to school over the weekend as well. Ms.Pam provides candid feedback & works with us to nurture the skills hidden in our children.


Srikanth Perugupalli & Padmaja Kappagantula
Senior Manager IT

An awesome teacher, a great learning center and a very impressive program, these are the things which come to my mind when I think about Justkidz. We have seen an amazing difference in our kid in the first few weeks of the program itself. The individualized curriculum and program helps the kid in a big way to be successful. Foundation is critical for any kid and I can't think of a better place than Justkidz for our kid.


Jeevan Sompuram & Sirisha Bhimi
SW Professionals

Ms.Pam is simply the best teacher we have found for our kids. Every day she makes the best possible use of 3 hours. Kids do so much activity - Reading, Writing, Math, Art, Yoga, Spanish, Show & Tell, etc and we have seen so much development in our kids. Everything is so well planned. All we do is send our kids to Justkidz and make them do the home work; and we saw amazing results. We simply feel that this is the best place you can think for your kids.


Jyothi & Shiva Dammalapati

I am extremely pleased that my son got into Justkidz this year. I have been aiming for this school for my son when he was barely months old baby. My interaction with Ms.Pam goes back to the days when I had first met her during the assessment of my daughter of her tuition after school when she was in kindergarten.

Listening to the ideologies and the principles the school is based upon, the belief that a strong foundation is necessary for a stronger future, the belief of pushing the child to his/her full potential by gentle prodding and giving opportunities and never loosing focus is what sets apart Justkidz and Ms.Pam's role of the teacher.

I am sure the nay-sayers might come up with a lot of arguments saying that the work is too focused, the little kids might not be able to cope up or a lot of hard work etc, but I believe that Ms.Pam is setting the kids a new normal, working hard is the new normal that the kids are being adjusted to because the practice now will go a long way for the kids to get a head start.


Jagan and Preetha Nambi
Enterprise Architect / Clothing Designer

Ever since our daughter joined Justkidz there has been a tremendous improvement in her learning, her confidence and social skills. She's also learning Spanish &Yoga, which is a great plus. Ms.Pam's sincerity and unique teaching methods are highly appreciated. I would highly recommend Justkidz to all parents.


Subbarao Denduluri & Lakshmi Kanupalli
Information Technology

Justkidz provided a great learning experience for my son. He became more focussed and disciplined after joining Justkidz. I strongly believe that Justkidz provides very good launching platform for the kids so that they can acjieve great heights going forward in their life.


Jeevan and Sirisha Sompuram
Software Professionals

Justkidz is the best pre-school ever. No school comes close to Justkidz. My daughter had been to Justkidz last year and in 9 months she progressed so well in all areas that she skipped Kindergarten and went directly to 1st Grade. We give entire credit to Ms.Pam and her Team. As long as my daughter went to Justkidz all we had to do was sit with her to do the home work. In one year they would learn equivalent to 2-3 years of learning in a regular school. Now that my daughter graduated out of Justkidz, she misses it so much and we as parents have to worry about so many things about her new school now.

This year we started our son at Justkidz and he could not even hold a pencil when he started and he had not been to any other pre-school at all; within a couple of months he has progressed a lot in all areas. This is possible only at Justkidz!


Sirish & Chandana Gottimukkala
Delivery Manager

Best decision we made for our son is to send him to Justkidz. We sent him to another montessori program and the difference is not even comparable. Ms.Pam puts so much focus on education and early learning and fundamentals that my son has shown amazing improvement in just 4 weeks. We are sure this will be te best foundation for my son in future.


Satish Vemuri & Sarita Devineni
Engineering Manager

I very strongly believe that preschool/early education is the most important time in any child's life that influences the child's entire lifetime - not just the years in school/college. I have just one thing to say to the parents / prospective parents who have / will have a child that they are trying to provide a foundation to and prep them up for the years ahead at school - "I would, with greatest possible confidence, very strongly recommend Justkidz". My daughter has shown remarkable and consistent progress in the first 6 weeks at Justkidz that would not be possible without the program at Justkidz and the special efforts and passion of Ms.Pam


Vasavi Mandavilli & Srinivas Kotha

We are very glad to have made the decision to join our daughter in Justkidz. Her experience so far has been a pleasant revelation to us. Not only have we noticed a remarkable academic progress in her but she completely enjoys school and is having fun learning. To make learning fun and enjoyable experience is a great achievement and we are thank full to Ms.Pam for that.


Madhavi & Mahesh Chamakura
Software Engineer

My son loves his preschool ad really enjoys going there. He improved academically a lot and we are very happy with his improvements. I can definitely say that he is teaching 'us' Spanish. He likes all the activities at school. I never heard any thing from him saying he did not like about school. And also never heard from him sayig he did ot want to go to school (not even one day ...) I wish I had a chance to go to this school :) Thanks to Ms.Pam and her co-teacher!


Vinay & Priya Toomu
Business Consultant / Analyst

Justkidz is an excellent learning center. Ms.Pam is an awesome teacher. Her passion towards teaching, management and organizational skills are amazing. I like the individualized work plans that Ms.Pam prepares keeping in mind the child's progress. I could see my son learning curve and social skills go up the graph from when he joined to the present. Ms.Pam always takes time to hear out parets concerns. My son enjoys going to Justkidz and we are glad to be part of Justkidz family all over again with our second son!


Anitha & Raj Yarlagadda
Accountant & Principal Consultant

My son is enjoying the Justkidz learning program. He likes his teacher Ms.Pam very much and the teaching style. He shows interest to go day after day. We observed that each day the class is well planned and taught. We are very happy with our son's academic progress and also social interaction after starting at Justkidz. Our son is making progress in Spanish language as well. We think he is well challenged to bring the best out of him. We are hoping the same momentum continues for the rest of the academic year.


Manisha & Sourabh Gupta
Mom - Home Maker, Dad - Product Management

Each day my son comes back from school saying he had a good day in school and fondly talks about the things he did at school. Also, he is excited to go back to school every morning. To us, that truly reflects how much he enjoys his time at Justkidz. My son has grown in many different ways over the last couple of months at Justkidz. He is becoming more social now, his vocabulary has improved. It is wonderful to see him spell a few words. He can do the butterfly Yoga pose, which amazes me, given his age. Ms. Pam is doing a remarkable job of leading the kids through a wide spectrum of learning and fun activities. Thanks to them for all the love, care and education they give our kids


Meena Annamalai

My daughter has been learning a lot at Justkidz this year. Her academic development has been amazing. Thanks to the hardwork of Ms.Pam, she is more confident with her numbers and language skills today. she also seems to have developed a sudden interest in what some words are in Spanish. She enjoys her structured class with Ms.Pam and also her fun class with her co-teacher. Overall we are happy and thankful parents.


Amar & Sarala Solasa
Project Manager

Justkidz is a highly disciplined environment where the child has an opportunity to learn both academic and social skills. Curriculum is well defined and the progress is clearly visible in my child. His confidence level, social interaction have improved a lot. My son enjoys being with Ms. Pam and Ms. Julie. I am glad that he is a part of Justkidz.


Venkatraman R & Uma Venkatraman

It is Amazing how Ms. Pam managed to win over my son in 2 days, from a reluctant screaming child to somebody who looked forward to her colorful and inviting classroom. He had fun and picked up vowels and consonants in no time! I would recommend Justkidz to anyone looking for a learning combined with fun, love and discipline. It is indeed a great place !


Nirmala and Krishnan Iyer
Home Maker / Software Professional

Justkidz provided a great blance of fun and learning and does an excellent job of preparing kids for elementary level. My son looks forward to going to Justkidz and talks about his school constantly at home. He has come a long way academically and socially.


Sunil & Neena Jain
Business Owner

My daughter is having a wonderful experience at Justkidz. She enjoys her work cycle, hands on activities and her teacher is a greater motivator who inspires my daughter in learning more each day. Ms.Pam makes the class interesting and fun.


Greg & Libby Taylor
Health Professional

We have had a great experience working with Ms. Pam and our son enjoyed coming in day after day. He picked up a lot in a very short time and I was amazed that he was able to read and do additions in no time. The extra activities like Spanish and music truly compliment the class.


Kishore & Sowmya Jayadeva
IT Consultant, Cap-Gemini

This is our son's second academic year at Justkidz. I just cannot tell in words how much he has improved. Ms. Pam is a wonderful teacher and sometimes it is hard to believe that he can do double digit additions at this age!


Srini & Sashi Bannuru
Programmer Analyst

Ms.Pam is an excellent teacher. I really like the hands on approach she provides and to see my daughter read and write is wonderful. Ms.Pam has great class management skills and most importantly a passion to teach. This passion is what makes kids motivated.


Melany Decker
Tax Consultant

We are extremely pleased with my daughter's progress. We had no idea at 3, our daughter would be able to write and read. Ms.Pam is a wonderful, very loving and a kind teacher.


Mayur & Namrata Gundecha
Software Engineer and Home Maker

We are surprised beyond belief to see that teachers at Justkidz have made such a profound impact on our child's learning abilities and have inspired our daughter to enjoy while learning. Justkidz is the perfect early learning experience our child needs to succeed. IT'S LEARNING, CARING, SHARING and ENJOYING - all in one place!


Varun Tallapragada
Software Engineer

My child learnt a lot so far at Justkidz. We are very happy with the progress she made in a very short time.


Rama & Sudha Chinta
Home Maker

We are thrilled to have our daughter at Justkidz. Justkidz is one of a kind preschool. I haven't seen any preschool like Justkidz anywhere else. the kids at Justkidz learn at their own pace and they learn them with so much love. Ms.Pam is one of a kind teacher, she teaches with so much passion which reflects in the kids. She makes learning so much fun for kids. It is such a wonderful experience that I am becoming short of words. The teachers work hard to bring out the best in each child and my daughter loves the challenge Justkidz provides. We could not be more happier!


Hanumanth & Srisisha Kanthi
IT Professionals

My child got into Justkidz in Jan 2010. Amazingly she improved a lot in her curriculum in 3 months which made us very happy and surprised. The best part of Ms.Pam is that she recognizes the child's talent and tries to tune them and present them in the best way she can. We as parents and our kid are very happy to be with Ms.Pam. My child enjoys being at Justkidz with the work cycle, challenging work, projects and Ms.Lety's spanish class.


Banumathy & Kalyan Sundhar

I am extremely impressed with the love and care that Ms.Pam extends towards the children attending the center. She has set up an atmosphere and also strives for the academic advancement of children that is the most attractive feature of the center. The children learn discipline and also have fun in school. The fact that my daughter is looking forward to a school day away from Mom speaks about the quality of time spent in school.