An Early Childhood Learning Place
 Why Justkidz ?

Justkidz provides a balance of loving care and academic encouragement. We offer children an opportunity to learn and grow in an environment that promotes self confidence, social competence, and a lifetime love for learning.

Whether encouraging your toddler to share, or providing your preschooler with a wide range of enriching activities, we understand your child's needs. Justkidz provides hands on instruction combined with just the right amount of challenge to expand your child's budding curiosity to learn and explore the world as they see.


Justkidz has been operating for more than 10 years in the Triangle area and has been helping 3-4 year olds develop a love for learning and getting them prepared to enter their schooling years. Justkidz provides the following:

    • Personalized attention
    • Tailor made Lesson Plan
    • Direct Instruction
    • Spanish Instruction
    • Music and Movement
    • Environment which promotes self confidence and learning readiness